Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Meet David Powers King

A few years ago I attended a League of Utah Writers meeting at the library. I was a new writer, looking  for friends who could help me take it to the next level. I'd been to a few before, so I didn't expect anything out of the ordinary. I didn't know that my writing would be forever changed by that night.

This guy named David invited me to attend his writing group. At the time, I declined. I had already arranged to join a writing group that someone else had planned to set up. I remember being shocked at the time that he would be so kind to a total stranger. But if you know David, this doesn't surprise you.

That writing group never happened, and months later I saw David again at a book signing. We stood together in line and chatted. I told him I was interested in joining his writing group if the invitation was still good.

I've been in the same writing group with him ever since, and my writing goals took a leap forward. Here are a few ways in which he's helped me:

  1. I hid behind him at a conference in Logan while he chatted with authors at their tables like they were old friends. (They were.) I gained confidence in talking with authors just by standing close to him.
  2. I started inkPageant, a website dedicated to collecting useful blog posts about writing. It's true that I put in a lot of work to launch that website, but David has spent countless hours moderating posts for that website, and I'm extremely grateful to him. This man knows how to blog — not just because he does it, but because he's seen a lot of other blogs out there. If you ask him, he can tell you who does it right and how.
  3. His dedication to writing has inspired me. I know how hard it is to hold down a full-time job, raise a growing family, and still make time for writing. David does that and more. 

I feel privileged to get a sneak peek at his newest works, including his newest middle-grade zombie novel. I'm going to be surprised if that doesn't get snapped up by a publisher. I've already seen kids riveted by it.

Being in the same writing group with David has meant a lot to me. I follow in his footsteps. He's taught me so much about writing and publishing. That's still what we talk about most. But even more than the help he's given me in my writing, I value his friendship.

If you haven't already, check out his blog:

Who has helped you take your writing to the next level?

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  1. Whoa - Dude! I knew you were putting up your first post soon, but I had no idea it would be about this. Thank you, friend. I'm honored beyond words. My sentiments right back atcha. :)